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V2ray websocket

The previous article was about simple v2ray with tcp protocol, and that was enough for that time. But recently my v2ray tcp servers got blocked. So I believe it is time to move to more complicated configurations of v2ray. There are several scripts for this method, including a good one from boy. But, in this article, I am using the easiest one from sprov called v2-ui, which also includes an easy v2ray multi user management panel.

Thanks to the one-command script by sprov, you can install v2ray easily, even if you are not familiar with Linux commands. The setup consists of two parts. To get an SSL certificate, you need a domain name www. Nameservers configuration. When adding your domain name to your Cloudflare account, Cloudflare will ask you to redirect your nameservers. It will be something like this:. You need to copy those from Cloudflare to your domain name registrar ex: namecheap. After a while, Cloudflare will inform you that the setup is done.

In the text you will find destinations of your certificate file and key file.

V2Ray 进阶配置 WebSocket+TLS+Nginx

If you face errors and cannot get the certificate, please make sure that your firewall is listening to ports 80 and Last, the SSL certificate expires in 90 days, to make sure it renews after that use the following command.

You can go to v2-ui web panel typing your IP address and the port on a browser. By default, both login and password are admin. You can change them in the panel settings.

And that is it. You can add, edit, delete users within seconds, and check bandwidth usage using v2-ui web-panel. If you think your v2ray has slow speed, or have an older Linux version on your VPS, you can use bbr script by teddysun, to install google bbr.

You can use v2ray on several apps on Android, and all of them are available for free Google Play.

v2ray websocket

For your Windows PC, you can choose one of these three v2ray Windows clients. There is also a new software called Clash, that requires a bit Windows. For your Mac PC, you can choose one of these three v2ray clients. Sometimes IP blocks are so often that you may want a solution without a hassle and go for a paid option.

V2Ray over WebSocket with Nginx TLS plus CDN

Wanna check other VPNs? Skip to content. Contents What is v2ray? What is v2ray? Choosing a VPS. You should:. Part one — install the script 1. First make updates and upgrades, and install curl sudo apt-get update -y sudo apt-get upgrade -y sudo apt install curl -y 2.

Nameservers configuration When adding your domain name to your Cloudflare account, Cloudflare will ask you to redirect your nameservers.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here.

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I managed to deploy meteor on my infrastructure Webfactions. The application seems to work fine but I get the following error in the browser console when my application starts:.

The real cause of this error is that Webfactions uses nginx, and nginx was improperly configured. This is an improved nginx configuration based on David Weldon's nginx config. Andrew Mao has reached a very similar configuration. Concerning SEO: the failing websocket code also prevents Phantomjs for getting a decent pageload and doesn't get terminated. In my case, the new Nginx configuration from Dan prevents the failing of the websockets and lets Phantomjs load the page.

Learn more. Meteor WebSocket handshake error with nginx Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 19k times. Dan Dascalescu DanDascalescu I should edit the question? Active Oldest Votes. WebSockets are fast and you don't have to and shouldn't disable them. Dan Dascalescu Dan Dascalescu Thanks Dan. Enable websocket is the way to go. Also upgrade nginx to 1.

Would be nice to also have this for Apache. KasperSouren: for the vast majority of cases, Apache is overkill. I see no reason to use it. More at wikivs.

Apache is definitely overkill but it's overkill that I have running on most of my servers because it's easier to set up with stuff like MediaWiki, Drupal and WordPress.

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v2ray websocket

Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. It's a binary protocol with small message frames. It allows stream multiplexing over single TCP connection. Conceptually it seems very similar to WebSockets. As a developer, you don't really care about it during your development. However, with Websocket, the developer is allowed to use API which is able to consume and push message with an unique full-duplex connection.

That's just a performance optimization. The main use case for Websockets in a browser is to enable bidirectional streaming of data. First of all, it is bi-di. Just read the introduction to the streams section :. Streams have several important characteristics:. They say it's not bidi. But once the client opens a stream by sending a request, both sides can send DATA frames across a persistent socket at any time - full bidi.

That's not much different from websockets: the client has to initiate a websocket upgrade request before the server can send data across, too. This is important in most real-world applications of bidi.

v2ray websocket

That wrong article also says that the Websocket standard has multiplexing. No, it doesn't.This article shows you how to set up a V2Ray server on Debian 9, with V2Ray fronted by an https website hosted on nginx.

The server will act as a V2Ray server for a WebSocket stream, but will display a normal website to a regular web browser. The client machine in this tutorial is a Windows PC. The server will accept input on port If any traffic happens to arrive on port 80, it will be redirected to port If the traffic is a WebSocket stream, it is proxied to V2Ray, which is listening on localhost port If the traffic is a normal https request, on the other hand, the traffic is handled by nginx directly and a web page is returned.

Now go back to your domain name registrar, and add DNS A records pointing from your server host name e.


We will enable the BBR congestion control algorithm to improve network performance. Press the Esc key on your computer keyboard to escape from insert mode, and type :wq to write the file to disk and quit the editor. Now we are ready to install the web server. Open your firewall to allow traffic in on ports 80 and When you have added some content, you can visit your website in a browser to confirm that your web server is working. And, as long as you selected the option to force secure access, certbot also adds lines automatically to force https:.

Add a line at the bottom. For example, to check for renewal, and renew if necessary, at a. Now we are going to add your site to your content distribution network CDN. For the sake of this article, we used Cloudflare as our CDN. We chose the free plan. Cloudflare can usually find your existing DNS records automatically. If not, you must manually add entries for your server name and your naked domain name.

Now go back to your domain name registrar, and change your name servers to be the custom nameservers given to you by Cloudflare. Save your changes. It will look something like this:. In the inbound specification, instead of the port number generated by go. Inside the main server block, but after the existing specifications, add a new location block to proxy WebSocket traffic to V2Ray, which is listening on localhost port Configure V2Ray to send its outbound traffic to port of your server.

Of course, you must substitute in your own values for the server and the user id in this example:. V2Ray which is now listening on localhost port Now you can open a browser and check your apparent IP address on a site such as whatismyipaddress. Also remember to set Firefox or Chrome back to their normal network settings. View all posts by shenzhensuzy. Skip to content. Debian 9 Server The server will accept input on port Start by registering a domain name for your web site.

Also obtain a virtual private server VPS. Make this change effective now by issuing the command: sudo sysctl -p Now we are ready to install the web server. Check the configuration file format: sudo nginx -t Restart nginx to pickup up the new configuration: sudo systemctl restart nginx Now create your web site content.

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v2ray websocket

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使用 V2Ray 的 WebSocket 传输协议 + Cloudflare 拯救被墙的 IP

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