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Mk4 tdi clutch upgrade

Welcome to Kermatdi! KermaTDI is the combined effort of a group of really bright and enthusiastic people who are passionate about the turbo diesel market. Headquartered in Colorado, we first made our name by introducing nozzle upgrades to the diesel world in more than a decade ago and focused our resources on Turbo Diesel Innovation.

By so doing, we started an entirely new automotive performance niche. The existence of more powerful fuel injectors drives the need for supporting components, such as turbos, camshafts, and clutch upgrades, and of course ECU tuning to tie it all together.

Malone Tuning for your VW MK4 TDI Engine Code ALH

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150+hp kit for BEW TDI (2004-2006)

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mk4 tdi clutch upgrade

Password Forgot Password?Sign In. Password forgotten? Click here. Sachs VR6 clutch kit mated with a 21lb, G60 single mass flywheel. This clutch includes a new single mass flywheel and new pressure plate, clutch disk, and throwout bearing. The Sachs clutch disk has dual springs and the pressure plate has longer fingers than competing clutches. Includes both flywheel and clutch bolts.

Not sure about the other review, but the flywheel I got did have the timing mark on it, though it Is it: Actually In Stock? Many online stores do not stock parts and advertise products that they do not actually have.

The Same Brand? Lesser expensive brands may be lower quality. The Same Contents? Kits sold by some stores are often missing crucial components. If you find an in-stock product made by the same manufacturer, or a kit with the same contents, at a lower price, we'd like to hear from you. Shop for My Vehicle. Add a vehicle to your garage. Returning Customers Welcome back, please login.

Remember Me. The kit includes H Single Mass Flywheel 21 lbs. Reviews 5. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Select Vehicle to Check Fitment. In Stock. Recommended Add-On Items When you click 'Add To Cart' everything you selected will be put in the cart together. Not recommended for removing What our customers say Search TDIClub for flywheel timing mark. Other Related Items Complete Clutch Conversion Kit A4. Frequently Asked Questions Ask us a question.

Customers who purchased this also purchased Rear Mainshaft Seal A4 B5. Recently Viewed Products See All. Email Us sales idparts. Clutch Release Lever Kit 5-Speed.

mk4 tdi clutch upgrade

Clutch release lever kit for the 5-speed Volkswagen TDIs. Axle Bolt Inner All 5-Speed.ALH Clutch Upgrade. I wanted to see who has good recommendations for a clutch upgrade for my '03 Golf ALH.

Any thoughts? Thanks, Byran. Originally Posted by cajunmanfl. Thanks for the info. I've had a couple of people recommend SouthBen. Is there any other comparable maker of clutch that I can consider? Boraparts carries them, but you have to call, not on his web-site. Horrible fuel milage? Fuel Economy: Who cares? Great fuel economy comes as a bonus! Originally Posted by VailPowder. Strong tune and strong turbo Southbend Stage 2 Endurance Cheers Paul.

The pedal actually felt lighter or easier to pushand the engagement was super smooth, no grabbiness at all. Now that its broken in, you can get very positive engagement, when launching with some throttle from say a dead stop or just aggressive shifting through the gears.

No more mushy feeling clutch. Ditto what others have said. Love the SBC and pedal is lighter, nice clamping force. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards. TDIFest Discussion in ' Transmission ' started by mono mattFeb 10, Log in or Sign up.

Club GTI. Mk4 1. Joined: May 25, Likes Received: The car is being modified for quarter mile and the odd track day but I also intend to continue using it as a run around. So I'm looking for some suggestions on a replacement clutch kit that will take some stick while being practical for every day use.

mk4 tdi clutch upgrade

Not sure what's currently available for this application so any feedback would be good. Joined: Apr 7, Likes Received: What sort of power and torque are you running mate? Is it currently on the 02m dual mass? If it's a 5 speed, as most mk4's are, the best thing you can do is to fit an ABF single mass flywheel and VR6 clutch kit.

This gives you a lovely light pedal feel, and can hold in excess of lbft without worry. It's also a nice cheap OE solution that's always easily replaced in future. PrawnFeb 10, Yeah that's a common replacement Matt. I've got the same setup on my Mk2 1. I'll try and find the link and send it over mate. Richard Mk2Feb 10, PM sent.Sign In. Password forgotten? Click here. If you need to replace the clutch on your high mileage TDI and want to convert to a single-mass flywheel setup this is where to start.

This kit includes all the components and parts of the clutch system that wear out after hundreds of thousands of miles. Not for Awesome clutch!! Very smooth better than the factory dual mass short throw on the pedal great shifting. Highly recommend!!

When they say complete kit they mean it Is it: Actually In Stock?

South Bend TDI Upgrade Clutch Kit

Many online stores do not stock parts and advertise products that they do not actually have. The Same Brand? Lesser expensive brands may be lower quality. The Same Contents? Kits sold by some stores are often missing crucial components. If you find an in-stock product made by the same manufacturer, or a kit with the same contents, at a lower price, we'd like to hear from you. Shop for My Vehicle. Add a vehicle to your garage. Returning Customers Welcome back, please login.

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mk4 tdi clutch upgrade

My Account Access My Garage. View All. USD Part :. FROM Ships from manufacturer Usually in Days. Flywheel Stage 2 Daily - Ft. Add To My Build List. Authorized Dealer Upgrade the clutch in your Volkswagen 1. This combination will deliver a smooth engagement with unsurpassed durability at every power level.

It is important that care be used while choosing the proper clutch for your application. Use the torque guide to help select the proper clutch for your application. The Stage 2 Clutch Kits are best designed for mild applications with bolt-on upgrades such as injectors, aftermarket tuning and turbocharger modifications.

Stage 3 Clutches are best designed for higher horsepower applications and aggressive driving that exceeds the needs of the Stage 2 applications. Stage 4 Clutch Kits are best suited for extreme use and high torque output from modified engines including extensive internal work, fuel system upgrades, turbocharger upgrades and competition use.

Note: Image may not be of exact product. Shipping Length 20 in. Shipping Width 20 in. Shipping Height 8 in. No Reviews Yet! Overall Rating. Email Address will not be made public. Send me an email if my review is approved. Customer Photos See what others built Submit your photo. Ask XDP. Most Popular Questions Does this kit include the single mass fly wheel? Is flywheel included? View Staff Answer. Answer Yes, the flywheel is included.

As an integral part of the automotive supply chain, at this point all call centers and distribution centers remain fully operational to ensure we keep vital service components flowing to vehicles used in transport of goods and emergency response. All employees have been encouraged to follow the CDC's recommendations at home and in the workplace.

The circumstances of this virus are fast moving, as such, we will continue to update you with any further operational adjustments as needed. As always, we value your business and appreciate your patience as we manage this situation together.The single mass flywheel conversion kit bolts directly to the crankshaft without modification, and comes with a mating clutch package that includes friction disc, pressure plate, release bearing, and pilot tool, plus new flywheel and pressure plate bolts.

Steps for other engine and transaxle combinations are similar, but not necessarily identical. The external clutch slave cylinder design in this car bolts to the transmission. The hydraulic slave cylinder actuates the clutch release bearing through a pivot arm located inside the bell housing. If the slave is unbolted and pulled to the side as an assembly, there is no need to bleed the system. The stock air box on our car has been replaced with an aftermarket air filter. If your car still has the stock air box, plan on removing the box and ducts to make room.

We will remove the battery and battery tray entirely to make added room. The car has no stock air cleaner housing to get in the way. Install an engine support. Our crossbar engine hanger ES is ideal for this job. It straddles the entire transverse width of the engine compartment, and its long threaded adjustment screw lets us lower and raises the engine as we work.

How VW Dual Mass Flywheels Fail

We realize that some of you will not have access to a lift or dedicated drivetrain hanger. If you are improvising, plan carefully to devise a safe alternative support mechanism that ensures your personal safety and prevents vehicle damage.

The ECS VW transaxle service wrench makes the job easy; it has a 17mm box end and 17mm hex head to t both old and new plugs. The splined transmission selector shaft has one wide tooth that matches a mating wide tooth in the selector arm. Later, when you reinstall the selector arm on the shaft, align the wide teeth as you slide the arm in place, restoring it to its original position.

Since the cables, bracket, and shift arm were removed and reinstalled as an assembly, no shift linkage adjustments will be needed. This is a great time to sand the cable eyelet down to bright metal, ensuring a good connection later when you reinstall the cable. Reach in under the hoses on the left side of the engine and remove the two top transaxle-to-engine bolts arrows. Free the lines from their support clips and pull the slave cylinder with its uid lines o to one side.

Tie the assembly out of your way. Remove both of the large bolts that secure the transmission mount to the mount support bracket right arrows. Remove the bolt from the power steering tube p-clamp at the bottom of the transmission lower arrow. Doing so gave us. Do not interchange the flanges. Compare these photos to the illustration on the previous page. Note the location of key components. Working at the rear of the engine, remove the small retainer bolt holding the flywheel inspection cover plate to the right rear of the engine, above the right drive axle.

An extended reach driver like the Schwaben triple square makes it easier to reach in and break the bolts free. It is part of a six-piece driver set made for jobs like this, where extra reach is needed ES Just slide the tip of a screwdriver into a brake rotor vent slot.

The screwdriver will stop when it comes up against the brake caliper, and keep the axle from turning as you loosen or tighten axle bolts. Reposition the screwdriver as you rotate the drive axle to reach all of the drive axle-to-flange bolts. To make extra room on the right side, remove the bolts from the right ball joint. Then slide the right ball joint out of the control arm. Pull the bottom of the strut with right drive axle still attached away from the control arm.

This will move the axle outward, adding much-appreciated space between the inner drive joint and flange.

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