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Download M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ROMs

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General discussion relating to using RetroPie and gaming. Share your ideas and suggestions for RetroPie. You can also use this area for development discussion.

Contributions to the project are always appreciated, so if you would like to support us with a donation you can do so here. Hosting provided by Mythic-Beasts. See the Hosting Information page for more information. Register Login. Recent Topics. Unable to install packages Help and Support. Rollercoaster tycoon General Discussion and Gaming. Supertux not working Help and Support.


Timeline for Retropie on Raspberry 4 Ideas and Development. Iso to BIN convert. Help and Support. No write permissions when mounting retropie in ubuntu with autofs Help and Support. Gamelist Excel export script Ideas and Development. LR-Caprice32 help with virtual keyboard Help and Support. Please can someone help me because I've been at this all day and still not got it to work.

I can get sound out of the USB card but it comes out in stereo and my cab only has one speaker in it which runs from a little mono amplifier.The intent of this emulator is preservation; the ability to play games is considered a "side-effect. As of version 0. Although MAME is a "command-line" application, as of version 0. A lot of arcade games were coin-operated, so when you start a game you might wonder: "how do I insert a coin?

So for single player, insert coin by pressing 5 and start the game by pressing 1. For legal reasons, this site does not contain nor link to ROMs. Be aware that a complete collection can take a lot of disk space over 50GB, and you need double that to extract the archive that holds all the ROMs.

The reason for this is that arcade ROMs tend to consist of multiple files. User Rating Rating: 7. Vote Rate it: Select Microsoft XBox XBox. Atari Atari Atari Jaguar. Visual Boy Advance 1. DeSmuME 0. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced without permission. This website is not affiliated with any video game company. All patents and trademarks are owned by their respective holders. Privacy Statement. MAME 0. Emuloader 8.There are currently users online.

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mame forum

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mame forum

Forgot password or user name? This BB code doesn't work with channel names only the keys so I need to add a extra BB code in for that. To embed How game board components work This will be a series of posts on how specific components work on a game board. Its purpose is to help you understand how the circuitry works. Feel free to add to the series if there's a topic you want to cover.

mame forum

First up: Reset! Gottlieb Genie Restoration The next restoration is a Genie from This big and wide beauty was originally an export to Japan. Lots of work to do, looks like she has had a hard life. I will post more pics and a todo list shortly. This tournament is the 2 nd of the new decade and all gamers worldwide are welcome to play.

You can join in at any time and is a perfect opportunity to stay home during the Covid 19 pandemic. Competition This will be bigger and better than ever. Further details are below. Competition: The gamer with the highest total competition I've just finished settings this up for everybody to use.You are currently viewing our forum as a guest which gives you limited access.

Classic Pornstars now has a preferred hosts system for clips. This allows clips posted on slow hosts to be re-posted on fast hosts.

mame forum

See section rules for details. New rules are in red. All members please note: Imagetwist will no longer be allowed in any section of this forum effective Friday, If you wish you can start using another imagehost immediately so your posts will not be removed on that date.

Thank you for your cooperation. Mame Yong. I'm afraid this thread will turn out to be an exercise in futility, as this photoshoot is probably the only one she has done. I'm hoping some one on the forum can prove me wrong. I don't know what it is about her, but she really does it for me.

I have a couple really bad rips from from the only movie I know she has done. Unfortunately they can't be posted here because of their origin. Not much of a loss as the best rips I can find are really, really, really bad. I have two versions of "casting clips" from another source, not on the banned list, which I hope to post soon.

Full page scans run x and the set with crops is about 30 megs. These are the best I can do with limited equipment and skill.

I'm trying to post material I've never seen posted anywhere on the net, or at least, not posted as complete sets with source info. At a minimum, not posted to this thread in this resolution.After being manually checked by administration, you will be granted "Tester" status and may leave notes and report bugs to the database.

This is needed to thwart bots and other malicious users and we are sorry for the slight inconvenience this causes any new reporters. You also may choose discuss possible bugs if waiting is too much of a chore. In both cases, be sure to use the forum search for keywords to make sure your question isn't already answered before.

If detected, you will be unable to post. Google Email works well as well as most ISP provided emails. Use this email ONLY if you have attempted to create an account and were unsuccessful. In the message, validate your information name, user name, IP connecting with so we can assist you in using the site.

We thank you the Mantis team for the flexible and useful bug tracking system. Again, without your help MAME would not be the project it is today.

Enjoy your stay!!! Image Enhancement category added. The Rules and Regulations will be changed to reflect this as previously we only accepted those bugs if they caused MAME to crash, hang or freeze. Do not report issues for these functions if you do not understand how the commands and settings work.

New MAME Full Set Importer - LaunchBox Tutorial

A lot of peoples' issues Image Enhancement tends to fall into the realm of mis-configuration rather than malfunction. August 13, - Tafoid Due to recent additions and clarification, I've added the following new categories to select when reporting: Media Support - This will cover issues related to any external media not being handled properly but not crashing the emulation or MAME itself.

It isn't for any random malfunctions, but the Lua Scripting needed to handle them. Managed to update the system to work with PHP 7.

While updating the site, I found a few functions broken and fixed them. The site is working a lot faster as a result and ready for future update.Today at am in Re: Megatouch force Questions, answers, and blank stares about working with wood and woodworking tools and model rocketry.

April 08,pm in Re: Best way to make a m October 20,am in Re: SpectraLite vs. Using or want to use a Pi or other development board? Post your rasPi, beaglebone, arduino, and other similar arcade projects here! Yesterday at pm in Re: New Cabinet using Pi Today at am in Re: DemulShooter Dual l Today at pm in GameEx not playing N64 R Yesterday at pm in Re: Weiya schematics?

Forums for the discussion of Speakers, sound cards, Jukeboxes, MP3s, and other audio-related subjects. April 11,pm in Rowe R86 50w by sandraozy. Moderator: BadMouth. Today at pm in Re: MMos and model Yesterday at pm in Re: Polybius Micro - Com April 09,pm in Re: A stupid twist on th Today at am in Re: Pandemic console pla Please be informative as possible in the subject line.

Yesterday at am in WTB Gyruss upright parts by mozzie. April 16,pm in Re: Suzo Happ Today at pm in Re: Chuff thread

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