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All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sign In or Register. Sign In Register. September in General Certification. I always thought it was outrageously overpriced. But the videos themselves are overpriced too.

cbt nuggets reddit

I'm thinking if I had this, not only would I use it for the tests I was talking, but I might also watch a couple different videos here and there just for entertainment and general knowledge. Anyone subscribe to this or have an opinion on it? CBT Nuggets. September You can do the 1 month streaming subscription when you're on vacation and watch as many as you can stand to try and get your money's worth Or you can piece together your own free video training using YouTube videos.

I don't necessarily consider the subscription nor the videos to be overpriced really. It's all about finding the best study method that works for you and finding value in whichever certification s you are pursuing really.

Regarding the study method comment, some people do well when they compliment their studies with CBT's in addition to book study and hands-on while others are just as well off studying from a book and some hands on.

Me personally I find that the CBT's for some of my studies prove to be a good addition to my study routine if anything because it helps make me feel more confident when I'm nearing the test date. Regarding the pricing which ties into value, I suppose you have to look at what impact the certifications you achieve may have on your career in terms of earnings potential.

Generally speaking, those who put in the effort to study in their chosen field regardless of if they sit the exams and pass or not tend to do better in my opinion.

If you sit and pass the exams, you get the added bonus of having some resume material which may open more doors to better opportunities either within one's existing organization or at another organization. As for the worth of the subscription itself, only you can really answer that. I've been pleased with the content of all of the CBT Nuggets video's I have watched, so the quality of instruction and production seems to be there. At that point, assuming CBT's compliment your learning system well and would be a good addition to your study plan, it really comes down to how many certifications you have planned to sit over the course of that year.

Simply put, any cost associated with any reputable training resource that fits your method of study well unless abhorrently overpriced which I don't think is the case here is never a waste of money. It's an investment, and investments generally prove to be a waste of money when planned poorly or not properly followed up on i.

And both of those variables are one's only you can control. Agreed with the above. My experiences with CBT nuggets have always found to have been worth the money. However I do have a study plan that it works well with.

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Currently Pursuing. Heres what I'm thinking. I'm not sure which certifications I'd be interested in after that, but I see they have videos on powershell, vbscript, and some security stuff that I would be interested in. I could also check out some exchange stuff or maybe even some wireless stuff. If you are a student, the Labsims from www. It does depend on the school too.

WGU is one of those schools, but there may be others.

Is the CBT Nuggets subscription worth it?

If your school is on their list, you just have to contact them via phone or online chat and ask for a discount code.Both offer manager tools to help supervisors.

ITProTV scores the highest in user satisfaction, ahead of other training platforms. Review the details, including the pricing terms for monthly and annual. For each course, there are a lot of labs where we can practice with real devices, and also an exam questions simulator.

If you like it, go on, the money is totally worth it. This site has helped me with two certifications and also as the supplemental material for my grad school classes. Whether you're trying to stay on your game or level up with new certifications, ITProTV is your resource. ITProTV vs. Compare CBT Nuggets platform features vs. Trial offer. Free membership options.

Offline viewing. Fully searchable transcripts. Virtual labs. Practice tests. Live chat with instructors. Audio only option. Certificate of completion. Manager tools for teams. Apple TV app. Roku channel. Daily live stream. Learning coach services. CBT Nuggets?A few hours on some MS technologies like SharePoint.

PluralSight: The most comprehensive IT videos. Wide variety of topics. They focus on the content. If this for is more hobby-type learning, Lynda has the most interesting stuff.

I took a course on novel writing and had a blast! Had a buddy learning Java Script and he claimed Lynda. I'm sure you can find good in both, depending on exactly what you're looking for. Never used Lynda. We have been subscribing to CBT Nuggets for at least the last 3 years. Are you looking for a specific training course, subject, technology, etc.?

We and Lynda. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I will gladly help out in any way possible. I used CBTNuggets. The courses were great, and though i admittedly wasted my time with it by not applying myself and actually getting focused on my goals, i can still say it was worth it.

The ability to have CBTNuggets accessible to the point that you could search on their website, pull up a series of videos, and get a better understanding of the thing you're trying to work on is really great. I haven't had it in years, so i couldn't comment on their courses recently, but a few years ago they were great, and they didn't seem like the type of site to regress. I've only had experience with Pluralsight and I am a fan.

I've heard good things about CBT though. I've never used either one. Best part is it's free. We have Lynda here for user Office training and IT uses pluralsight. Pluralsight's library is extensive and the classes our thorough. I look at the networking videos and my boss uses it for server side training. It is pretty good and they have virtual labs for trying things out.All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Sign In or Register. Sign In Register. June in General Certification. Has anyone used CBT nuggets for Certification training? If so, has it helped with you receiving your certification?

CBT Nuggets Learner Stories: Donna Davis

ITSpectre Member Posts: 1, June Some of the videos are dry and boring. Cybrary is good too it depends on what cert you are studying for. I get it paid for by work and like it. I think Pluralsight does a great job as well. If I had to choose, I would look at what certification I was going for, then look up when that course was created on each site want to make sure it is as up to date as possible and look up the person who teaches the courses then decide.

I don't think there is a "best" one stop shop when looking for whats best. Yeah, as NetworkNewb said, it depends who teaches the course.

But not every teacher is the same. Whether or not you'll like a course will often depend on the teacher, and also whether your personality type and learning style meshes with that teacher. I've read some people don't like Jeremy's style because he's so fast and ADD. But for me, he helps keep me engaged. Verities Member Posts: 1, Chinook Member Posts: CBT Nuggets does have some good instructors but there are also some that go off on tangents and are downright annoyingI've tried self book studies and they just didn't work for me.

I'm thinking the video's with the virtual labs will be a better fit for my learning style. Yep CBTNuggets generally pretty good, do some labs I'm one of these kinesthetic learners so mainly labs and the videos procedure a good understanding of the material.

Then just hammer exam sims. I personally like CBT Nuggets, it works well for me. I haven't watched any of the Microsoft courses but they do offer a 7 day trial period. The only question or reservation I have had is how closely they are linked to the syllabus for the different exams e.

Has anyone followed any complete courses on there and taken an exam after and found the content closely linked to the exam? Yeah I agree with others, I have had a trial with both and I liked them both very much, CBT Nuggets seems to other more information than you sometimes need this is a good thing in my opinion, helps get better background knowledge and whilst your learning you might aswell learn as much as position.

I wouldn't use the videos alone, I first read the books, then watched some videos, it really helps to make the knowledge sink in when combine them both with a virtual lab.

I liked the way train signal used to work better. Could buy dvd's and watch where and when i wanted to.

cbt nuggets reddit

We have some training dvd's from a different company that has an archaic license scheme. Get stuck using only one piece of hardware or transferring license and can only do that times. Have thought about trying out the cbt nuggets trial, hoping this thread provides some good info about training resources. It also allows you to download 20 videos at a time to view offline through their mobile app. I'm not saying that CBT Nuggets is the best out there but it works great for my needs.

I like the instructors because the dive deeper into the topic than the exams require and if you follow the labs they help you to better understand how things work. Ultimately I would say that your should go around and try some of the trials for different online training courses first and see what you think about the instructors.

If you don't like the instructors then it will be difficult to motivate yourself to get on and watch them. Also, check and ensure that the training you are looking to do is up-to-date with the current testing for the certifications you are going for. Thank you for showing interest in CBT Nuggets. I wanted to jump into this thread and answer any questions you may have. In regards to your training endeavors, i s there a specific MCSA certification you are wanting to earn?

Server ? Windows 8? SQL Server ? Are wanting to earn this certification to advance your career or better your knowledge base? Maybe both? As for your question, yes. You can access the servers via our website and essentially have a remote desktop session into them. Unfortunately, we do not have Windows 7 Virtual Labs.

Let me know if you have any further questions. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. What other sites should I check out? Best Answer.Empower your team today with the online IT training they need.

IT training to pass your IT certification tests and get a great job. Dive deep into one or master many with the friendly faces of IT training.

New IT training episodes are added daily so your training is always aligned with the latest UI and the current exam. Test your IT skills risk-free in real-world lab environments. Answer IT certification exam practice questions until you're confident that you are ready to pass. Learn when and where you want. Watch on a desktop, Apple TV, or Roku. Or, hit the road with your tablet or mobile device. This is great for people to use at home or on the road.

Compare ITProTV

This site has helped me with two certifications and also as the supplemental material for my grad school classes. With more than 4, hours of IT training, you'll find the courses you and your team need to stay current and get the latest certifications. IT hiring is a bidding war. Start or expand your IT career today.

Learn more. The IT skills development platform for all sectors. Government IT Training. Managed Services IT Training. Health Care IT Training. Education IT Training. Tech IT Training. Finance IT Training. Insurance IT Training. Flexible Training Learn when and where you want.

cbt nuggets reddit

Nathan Davis, Technology Helpdesk Analyst. Learn anywhere, anytime This is great for people to use at home or on the road. Jim Barber, Manager of Information Systems. Jeff Patterson, IT Professional. Just you? Training a whole team?I have written an e-book about the top 10 marketing mistakes small business make (including myself) and how to overcome them.

You are very welcome to download your copy here: Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Business and How to Overcome ThemInterested in learning more about Despina, click hereYou must be logged in to post a comment. You'll have access to our support forum, live chat hotline and Tourism e kit tutorials. Introduce video into your marketing mix. Eliminate the disease to please everyone, everywhere on social media Eliminating the disease to please others is a metaphor for life as much as it is for your social media networks.

You are very welcome to download your copy here: Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Business and How to Overcome Them Interested in learning more about Despina, click here0 CommentsLeave a reply Click here to cancel the replyYou must be logged in to post a comment. There are also plenty of characters returning to Westeros, and things are going to get interesting when some of these meet up again after so much has changed.

In addition to all the big moments that fans know are coming, there are plenty of smaller moments to speculate about.

And of course, the trailer already showed Beric and his fiery steel in the snow, presumably fighting North of the Wall. Her direwolf, Nymeria, was driven away several seasons ago after she attacked Joffrey (Jack Gleeson), and Arya knew that if the wolf stayed with them, the Lannisters would kill her.

By the end of season 6, Sansa has become a killer herself, murdering her abuser, Ramsey Bolton (Iwan Rheon), by leaving him to be eaten by his vicious hounds. A likely target is the mad Robin Arryn (Lino Facioli), whom Sansa already hates. This could be the only way to get the armies of Westeros to stop fighting each other and start fighting together.

Fans have been hoping for Cleganebowl since season 1, and originally thought it could happen by way of a trial by combat. Cersei would be livid with the Hound for abandoning Joffrey, and will sic her FrankenMountain on him, leading to a massive battle. Now, however, he and Meera (Ellie Kendrick) are back at the Wall, and they may well be the reason that it finally falls. According to legend, the only thing that can bring down the wall is the Horn of Winter (aka the Horn of Joramun), and some fans are now speculating that this could be Bran himself.

The theory is that this magic is the same magic that was used to construct the Wall, and that when Bran crosses the Wall with the mark on his arm, it will destroy the protections and give the Walkers a way South. Instead, it looks like season 6 will feature a different Lady Stoneheart: Arya.

While this would be a major change from the books, it does allow for the Stoneheart character to appear before the end, and keeps the basic concept (of a Stark hellbent on vengeance) intact. Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) has pledged his allegiance to Yara (Gemma Whelan), and the two of them have taken their fleet of Ironborn to Daenerys to help her invade Westeros.

cbt nuggets reddit

Our bet is on Yara being the one to bite the dust, leaving Theon once again on his own. Sam could even be the one to convince the houses to melt down the Iron Throne itself. At the end of season 6, Tormund and Brienne have separated again, and fans were reminded of the feelings between Brienne and Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) when they met at Riverrun. Given the complexity of the situation, and the promise that Brienne and Tormund will not be getting a happy ending, this is likely to end up as a love triangle, Game of Thrones style.

That is to say, at least one of the three will die, most likely two, at the hand of the other. The only question is: who will survive this star-crossed situation. At this point, it is generally assumed that Daenerys herself is one head of the dragon, and she is already riding Drogon. The second head of the dragon is (presumably) surprise Targaryen Jon Snow, who will likely learn of his parentage this season.

The third head, meanwhile, may well be none other than Tyrion Lannister. Valonqar is Valyrian for little brother, leading many to assume that Cersei will be killed either by Tyrion or Jamie, her two younger brothers (Jamie was born moments after Cersei). The Hound hated his brother, but he is still sure to be shocked at what Cersei has done to him, and he hates the Queen for his own reasons, as well.

What bold season 7 predictions do you have hidden up your sleeve. Please support ScreenRant so we can continue providing you with great content.

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